client insights

Working with Vanessa one on one in my postpartum time was very helpful and supportive. I was struggling with finding my core strength and finding a natural posture again after carrying a baby for 9 months! She was very attentive and knowledgeable in giving exercises and stretches to work on finding more comfort and empowerment in my body again. She is funny and kind and always wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her work for postpartum moms and anyone else who wants some support in finding more comfort and ease in their body.
— Shannon K.

I have to tell you how amazed I am that my lower back pain totally disappeared but the end of class last night and has not returned! … I’m going to take my [yoga] block to Curves and practice some of last night’s moves. Thanks so much, Vanessa!
— Laurie M.
I have noticed and so has my husband that my baby tummy has gotten smaller. I also am more aware of my proper posture in everyday life and am able to engage my core effectively for exercises.
— Joanna
Gained a greater awareness of my body through the Pelvic Floor and Core series! So fun! Loved how simple changes have me feeling stronger. Love your approach and thoughtfulness. Thank you!
— Liz C.
Vanessa is kind, warm, and engaging. She went out of her way to explain and simplify difficult concepts and demonstrate exercises, all while listening mindfully to my concerns. She was able to subtly and gently redirect some of my efforts, which ended up being incredibly beneficial to my overall movement practice.
— Kathy L.

When my friend Liz Wolfe of Babymaking & Beyond reached out to me for a movement specialist to add to her Babymaking Beyond program for moms-to-be, Vanessa’s was the first name that came to my mind.
— Kristine Peterson Rudolph
I enjoyed the progression [of the 6 week class series] from fairly easy to tougher and being aware of new muscles... New exercises were fun and interesting! I stand up better - more deliberate. When I’m waiting in the grocery I think about it and work on it.
— C.
Great mix of focus on building strength as well as breathing and its importance in core work. Definitely noticed a difference after hip exercises - release of hip muscles and more symmetry between hips. Thank you for this class! Very supportive and engaging!
— K.L.
Loved the focus on how to move [in the 6 week Core & Pelvic Floor series]. Really enjoyed the various hip/butt exercises!
— Marisa
Vanessa is a good listener and not too bossy.
— Y. M.