6 Week Pelvic Floor & Core Series

Dealing with leaky pee, core weakness or diastasis recti? Gain the essential strength you need for a strong and supple pelvic floor and core through functional movement, alignment awareness, stretching, strengthening and breath work!  

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Babymaking and Beyond


Private Sessions

One-on-one movement coaching in person in Montpelier, VT or via Skype! Contact me to schedule your session.

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Our Practice

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Move better, feel better, and embrace your movement potential through a supportive, whole body approach.


Do you want to feel better in your body and become more...

Connected —

To how you move, breathe, and to your own strength?

Curious —

About what your body may be telling you, and what stories you may be telling yourself about your body... but without judgment?

Confident — 

In your body’s strength, resilience, and ability to overcome setbacks?


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A Top 10 Service

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“Vanessa is kind, warm, and engaging. She went out of her way to explain and simplify difficult concepts and demonstrate exercises, all while listening mindfully to my concerns. She was able to subtly and gently redirect some of my efforts, which ended up being incredibly beneficial to my overall movement practice.”
— Kathy L.
“Working with Vanessa one on one in my postpartum time was very helpful and supportive. I was struggling with finding my core strength and finding a natural posture again after carrying a baby for 9 months! She was very attentive and knowledgeable in giving exercises and stretches to work on finding more comfort and empowerment in my body again. She is funny and kind and always wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her work for postpartum moms and anyone else who wants some support in finding more comfort and ease in their body.”
— Shannon K.