Hi there! I'm Vanessa.

I'm a movement coach. A mom of 2. A life-long learner of all things body, movement and exercise.

I may also be someone who has gotten the occasional second take in restaurants for talking perhaps a little TOO enthusiastically about pelvic floor health.

I specialize in a whole body approach to pelvic floor and core health, and bring my own unique mix of warmth, perceptiveness, and fun to my collaborative work with clients. I also work with clients who may be dealing with recurring aches and pains or injuries and who want to explore a functional approach to movement and exercise that combines body awareness, mobility, and strength. 

I received my Restorative Exercise certification through natural movement educator and biomechanist Katy Bowman January 2015. Some of my other teachers include Jill Miller, Lauren Ohayon, Julie Wiebe, Jules Mitchell, and Feldenkrais practitioner Alfons Grabher.

I teach in-person private sessions, group workshops, and class series in Central and Northern VT, as well as one-on-one Skype sessions for those not local to Vermont. Online, you can find my Move Well Mama prenatal movement program as part of Liz Wolfe’s Babymaking and Beyond!

I love walks, hiking, reading, oceans and lakes, practicing my squat, and listening to and sharing stories. I live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with my husband, sculptor Torin Porter, and our two kids.


Move well,


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